Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Changing Places

I've made some mention of this on social media, but if you haven't noticed, after more than ten years here at blogger I'm moving The End of Cinema over to wordpress. After working on Seattle Screen Scene for most of this year on that platform, I've just found it to look prettier and be a lot more fun and easier to use. Along with that, I went ahead and bought my own domain name, theendofcinema.net, which sounds a lot nicer than the ungainly blogspot.com address.

All of the content from here, such as it is, can now be found at that address. All the links at the new site direct back here to blogger, most of them can be redirected to the new site by replacing the "blogspot.com" part of the address with ".net", but the paragraph breaks don't seem to be converted particularly well, which can make the new posts look pretty squished. It's going to take awhile for me to go through and update and reformat whatever I can. But already there are some changes I'm pretty happy with (the year-by-year rankings are now organized by decade and share an index with the Endy Awards, for example).

All the old stuff will remain here indefinitely, as there doesn't appear to be any kind of time limit for how long blogger allows these things to exist. I mean, our Metro Classics site is still there and we haven't touched it for four years. But from now on, all my stuff will be on the new site and the various indices and lists here will no longer be updated.


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