Friday, April 05, 2013

This Week in Rankings

One week ago marked the arrival of Baby #2, Henry, and so for the next few weeks at least I won't have all that much time for writing about movies. I'll still be watching them of course, but now at much weirder hours of the night (4 to 7 am has been prime movie-watching time over the past couple of days). If you've a hankering to read some of my writing, you can check out my Review Index, full of capsule and longer reviews from the past several years.

My next They Shot Pictures episode will be in May, discussing the non-samural films of Akira Kurosawa. Until then I'm hoping to dive into films from Paul WS Anderson, John Hyams, Tony Scott and Neveldine & Taylor. As I noted in this essay a few weeks ago, there's nothing especially new about the "vulgar auteurism" that champions these directors, but it is a catchy name.

These are the movies I've watched and rewatched in the last week, and where they place on my year-by-year rankings. I've linked each to my letterboxd comments, which range in length from one-liners to capsule reviews.

Gremlins - 10, 1984
Peking Opera Blues - 12, 1986
Gremlins 2: The New Batch - 10, 1990
Hard Target - 48,1993
Resident Evil - 15, 2002
Resident Evil: Apocalypse - 20, 2004
Damsels in Distress - 2, 2011