Friday, April 11, 2008

Movie Roundup: Post-Classics Catching-Up Edition

Well the Spring series of Metro Classics is over and after its resounding success I get a couple months off before we start up again at the end of July. We'll be running two series back-to-back then, 18 straight weeks until Thanksgiving. Nothing's booked yet, and won't be until after the Seattle Film Festival, but I'll announce it here when it's all set.

During the series I didn't manage to watch many other movies, between working a lot and spending the last month reading the George R. R. Martin series (yes it's good, yes I'm a geek). But here's what I've seen and where each film ranks in its respective year, only one of them is really great:

The Spanish Main: 18, 1945
Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 8, 1974
Rocket Science: 18, 2007
I Am Cuba: 3, 1964
Colossus Of Rhodes: 19, 1961
The Rat Race: 19, 1960
The Music Box: 5, 1932
A Hard Day's Night: 10, 1964
Across the Universe: 16, 2007
Southland Tales: 11, 2006
Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street: 14, 2007
Purple Rain: 13, 1984
Into The Wild: 31, 2007