Saturday, June 29, 2013

The George Sanders Show: Episode One

My pal Mike and I went and started yet another podcast, The George Sanders Show, in which every week we discuss and old movie and a new movie, along with some other odds and ends. The first episode is live now on the website, and should be coming to iTunes soon. You can follow the show on twitter @GeoSandersShow and check out our website here. It's got one of those fancy new blogger designs that look nice but that I find horribly confusing. 

Because I like redundancy which is something I like, here's a copy of the show post from the website:

In this inaugural episode of The George Sanders Show, Sean and Mike discuss Fritz Lang's classic 1953 film noir The Big Heat and Johnnie To's upcoming crime epic Drug War. They also talk about their favorite cinematic highs and lament the demise of Seattle's Egyptian Theatre and the deaths of two great artists.

You can listen or subscribe with iTunes via these links:

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Some show-related letterboxd links:

Sean's director lists: Johnnie To and Fritz Lang
Short reviews of Drug War: Sean and Mike
Short reviews of The Big HeatSean and Mike

Some Johnnie To-related stuff Sean did earlier this year:

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