Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dyslexic Heart

Saw Elizabethtown the other day. Basically, if you're a Cameron Crowe fan, then you'll like the movie. It's got some big flaws, but I managed to totally ignore them. It's sappy and cheesy but there's something about Crowe: the cheese never bothers me because he seems so honest about it. There's never a hint that you're being manipulated in a Cameron Crowe movie. He just makes pleasant romantic movies that make you want to ignore their flaws and watch them over and over again. In fact, I bought the Almost Famous DVD yesterday and watched it twice.

Elizabethtown has basically the same plot as all his other movies (except Say Anything): a guy who's a failure in business is redeemed by a cute, quirky woman. Orlando Bloom is mediocre in the lead role, he certainly is no John Cusak or Tom Cruise or even Campbell Scott, but he is an improvement on Patrick Fugit in Almost Famous, who really annoys me at times. Kirsten Dunst isn't quite as cute as Penelope Cruz in Vanilla Sky, but she's not bad at all.

Cameron Crowe Films:

6. Vanilla Sky
5. Jerry Maguire
4. Elizabethtown
3. Say Anything. . .
2. Almost Famous
1. Singles


  1. On my blog today I posted a trailer of THE SHINING, re-edited to make it look like a Cameron Crowe or James L. Brooks movie. That is just good old fashioned Halloween fun.