Saturday, November 03, 2012

This Month in Rankings

Flunky, Work Hard - 19, 1931
Murders in the Rue Morgue - 17, 1932

Swordsman 2 - 19, 1992
The Master - 2012
Looper - 2012
Cloud Atlas - 2012


  1. how do the rankings work, did you like The Master and Cloud Atlas?

  2. I have lists for each year 1901-2011 linked in the sidebar (The Big Lists of Films) starting here:

    I don't have one yet for 2012, will publish that at the end of the year.

    I really liked The Master and thought Cloud Atlas was OK. I haven't written about them because I haven't come up with anything I think is interesting or coherent enough to say about them, at least not yet.

  3. Cool, big fan of the blog by the way, reference it a lot. 2012 hasn't been a fantastic year for movies but The Master was amazing and I loved Cloud Atlas (second best of the year). Heres my Imdb top 100 if you want to check it out. Btw i've seen about 1/100th of the movies you've seen. Im only 16!

  4. Thanks. That's a great list, by the way. I'd only seen a handful of those movies at 16, so you're already way ahead of me!