Friday, June 19, 2009

Book Of The Summer

So I'm going to be reading Infinite Jest this summer, inspired by an old friend who mentioned that she'd be reading it along with a whole internet group of people (at I first attempted to read it about eight years ago, but didn't get very far (68 pages, if the subscription card bookmark I left in there can be believed). While I recall liking much of what I was reading, it all seemed so daunting, what with the book's massive size and so many footnotes. My only other experience with David Foster Wallace comes from The New Yorker: a few essays that he wrote and a profile they ran not long after his death last year.

There are quite a few books I've read part of and given up on, not because I didn't like them, but because I felt inadequate to the task of reading them at that point in my life. I'll set them aside intending to pick them up again a few years down the line (Ulysses, Moby-Dick, Gravity's Rainbow, among others) when I'm older and wiser. Hopefully, this will be one book I'll be able to remove from that list.

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