Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Augurs Of Spring

We're quite happy to announce that the lineup for the Spring Metro Classics has been finalized. We've got a theme this time around: three different genres, all having something to do with music.

Three Gershwin Musicals:

Feb. 13 - Shall We Dance
Feb. 20 - An American In Paris
Feb. 27 - Funny Face

Three Folk Rock Westerns:

Mar. 05 - McCabe & Mrs. Miller
Mar. 12 - Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid
Mar. 19 - Dead Man

Three Films About Musicians With Colors In The Title (or, Red + Blue = Purple):

Mar. 28 - The Red Shoes
Apr. 02 - The Blues Brothers
Apr. 09 - Purple Rain

Shall We Dance and The Blues Brothers will be digital, the rest will be in 35mm. Showtimes and other information will be available at within the next week.

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