Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Still Of The Day

/Film has some stills up from Wong Kar-wai's latest film My Blueberry Nights, which kicks off the Cannes Film Festival this week.


  1. This is one film I'm especially looking forward to.

  2. I didn't say it in the comments on my RotS article but I'll say it here: I worry the same thing will afflict the criticism of this film: that it won't be valued visually but aurally, in terms of dialogue, and will be judged based on the critic's own interpretation of What A Film Should Be. Not, of course, what it is. If it doesn't work, okay. But my guess is WKW is talented enough to make his films work. I haven't even seen many of them but of those I have seen, each one has worked. And some are just plain amazing, like Happy Together. Chungking Express is pretty good, too, but I'm also a huge fan of 2046; even moreso than of its predecessor, In The Mood For Love.

  3. The Kino WKW boxset is one of my most valuable DVD collections, even if the individual DVDs (being Kino) aren't especially good. I am a WKW fan and the hate he's seemingly getting from all quarters (check out this thread at Dave Kehr's blog) is really inexplicable to me.

    This post at Jim Emerson's blog has totally flummoxed me. He walked out after half of Chungking Express!??!#$%