Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gay Commies Vs. Jesus Flags

Fox & Friends discussing how much money patriotic Hollywood films make vs. gay, communist and socialist films. Annoyingly annotated and scored, but still worth watching. Found on The Screen Grab.


  1. I guess THE NEW WORLD wasn't patriotic enough?

  2. Not enough guns-a-blazin?

    Just got David Lynch's autograph on a copy of his book all about transcendental meditation. Gonna read this weekend (maybe) and post some thoughts...that is, if I get my homework done. This school thing really eats up one's time.

  3. Not enough "white people saved the Indians from their heathenish hedonist ways".

    Watched Lost Highway the other day. Not only is it the first Lynch I've liked, I actually loved it. Mulholland Drive is coming from Netflix tomorrow and I may actually see Inland Empire now. But I don't know when I'll be able.

  4. Glad you liked LOST HIGHWAY -- on certain days I like it more than MULHOLLAND DR but usually you can't top Naomi Watts in the latter...she's just, well, perfect. I may have to buy it...

    also, The House put up my Satantango piece today...