Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Internet Baseball Awards

Finding myself up to my ears in Bravo's West Wing Season 6 marathon, I just managed to sneak my votes in the Internet Baseball Awards in under the deadline, which is 11:00 tonight on the Baseball Prospectus website. (UPDATE: Voting has been extended through Friday, there's a link on the right of the page). Here's how I voted:


Alex Rodriguez
David Ortiz
Mike Young
Manny Ramirez
Gary Sheffield
Travis Hafner
Mark Teixeira
Johnny Damon
Jason Giambi
Brian Roberts

AL Cy Young:

Johan Santana
Mark Buehrle
Bartolo Colon
Mariano Rivera
Roy Halladay

AL Rookie Of The Year:

Huston Street
Joe Blanton
Felix Hernandez

AL Manager Of The Year:

Eric Wedge
Mike Scioscia
Joe Torre


Albert Pujols
Derrek Lee
Jason Bay
Roger Clemens
Jeff Kent
Morgan Ensberg
Brian Giles
Chris Carpenter
Miguel Cabrera
Carlos Delgado

NL Cy Young:

Roger Clemens
Chris Carpenter
Dontrelle Willis
Andy Pettitte
Pedro Martinez

NL Rookie Of The Year

Zach Duke
Ryan Howard
Jeff Francoeur

NL Manager Of The Year:

Bobby Cox
Frank Robinson
Tony LaRussa


  1. I agree with those picks. PAPI FOR MVP! Check out my colorado rockies blog at

  2. Uh, if you think Ortiz is the MVP, then you don't agree with those picks. A-Rod's a pretty clear choice for AL MVP this year, I think.